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“There is something uniquely valuable about meeting and learning from the originator of and real experts on a subject – and this is true no matter how many books you read or how much self study and practice you do on the topic. Therefore, although I had studied Open Focus™ techniques in depth and practiced them and meditation for a long time before attending the Brain Synchrony, Couples Connection and Open Focus workshops, these events were very rewarding and worthwhile."


"The trip to the Princeton Biofeedback Centre added extra dimensions to my understanding of Dr Fehmi’s Open Focus techniques and his approach to alpha brainwave synchrony that could not be obtained in any other way that I can imagine. In addition to learning in person from Dr Fehmi, his wife Susan Shor Fehmi and the staff at the Princeton centre, I also gained much additional enjoyment from many fascinating conversations with other attendees over the course of the workshops and I made lasting friendships with several like-minded people. I strongly recommend these unique workshops to all who are interested deepening their understanding of and benefiting from these important subjects.”

(c ) 2009 Paul Brett, Nottingham, England

"Dr Fehmi teaches how to release pain through a very simple, yet profound method, of attending to pain and then allowing it to dissolve. I am finding it very difficult to explain in words how allowing oneself to completely immerse in the pain can paradoxically bring space into it and help it to spread out and dissolve. After reading The Open Focus Brain, I had succeeded in dissolving a very intense toothache. During the workshop, I was able to dissolve a very long seated anxiety which had manifested as "butterflies"or excitement in my stomach. I always believed this was somehow natural and to be expected and certainly didn't believe that it could be dissolved, but I was wrong. With Dr Fermi's direction, I first located the core of this anxiety and then I was able to dissolve it. I was left feeling more free than ever before. What is really amazing is that today I had completely forgotten that I ever had this anxiety a year ago. What a wonderful workshop and great long term benefits."

(c) 2009 Ann McIlraith, Ireland

"I came to this program with non remitting cough, feeling congested, anxious. I believed that this is what it is and nothing could be done. Through the Open Focus practice and the example of Dr. Fehmi's helping and accepting attitude, I discovered that living in the attention flexible mind makes a difference. I feel much better, I feel complete. I'm full of enthusiasm and plan how I will help my patients, my family and friends to improve their quality of life. Thank you."

(c) 2008 Magdolna Sarninger, MD, New York City, NY

"Dr Fehmi’s easy and fun quips keeps your heart open and your emotions honest as you learn the simplicity of Open Focus… Practice, practice, practice. Your life will positively change. Mine has and my golf students. I am so grateful to the work of Dr Fehmi."


"I am practicing every day. It has been 14 months since I found your work (nine months since I attended your Open Focus Workshop in Princeton). I am having much success personally and professionally with Open Focus. My migraines are all gone, thank you Dr Fehmi and I love coaching people in Open Focus. I want to continue to explore your world. I learn more about the 7th sense, how I am paying attention to attention every day. It seems easier each day to understand."


"I am developing a workshop for golfers using Open Focus techniques. It is helping me to understand the nuances of your great work. I read the book over often and I am always picking up another kernel of understanding of your world. As you can tell I LOVE Open Focus. It works perfectly for golfers."

Thanks much Dr Fehmi

(c) 2009 Penny Pulz, Owner Penny Pulz GOLF Academy

"This workshop took me to a higher level of my practice and it made me realize how much more there is to explore. Thank you."

(c) 2008 Guillermo Giangreco, M.D., Maryland USA

"Until I did this workshop with Les I had not seen the full power of Open Focus. Les embodies the process that he has developed. Being in his presence and seeing and feeling the calm and yet engaged excitement, which he brings to his workshops, is value enough. However, if you truly want to make this valuable practice a part of your life and get a sense of how to use it in a variety of life situations, this seminar is a must!"

(c) 2009 Marvin S., Canada



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