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ONLINE Workshop Registration

Welcome to the online registration for THE OPEN FOCUS™/BRAIN SYNCHRONY WORKSHOP


Please read through the following important information:


  • The Open Focus™/Brain Synchrony Workshop is a three-day event held in Princeton NJ or an off-site venue.
  • The workshop is held on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 9am to 5pm with a 2 hour lunch break (from 12pm-2pm) each day.
  • If you wish to become certified in Open Focus and/or Neurosynchrony, you must schedule four additional training hours with Dr. Fehmi.  Please call the office at 609.924.0782 for further information and training schedules. (Please note: There is an additional cost $880.00  for certification training.)


The CHICAGO 2014 Workshop is being held on August 23, 24 and 25 2014

  • August 23rd    Day One: Brain Synchrony Training
  • August 24th    Day Two: Multi-Person Synchrony Training
  • August 25th    Day Three: OPEN FOCUS™ ATTENTION TRAINING



Saturday (Day 1) and Sunday (Day 2) are taken in conjunction. We cannot accept participant registration for Day 2 only. Training completed on Day 1 is needed for Day 2.  

The cost for Days One and Two is $590.00


You do NOT need to bring a partner for Day 2.


We are limited to 20 participants on Day 1 and Day 2.  Day 3 is a full day of Open Focus Training.  There is unlimited seating for Day 3.  

The cost for Day Three is $295.00


The cost for all three days is $880.00.  


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2015 Workshop Dates TBD





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