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Mini Intensive



Our Mini-Intensives are offered throughout the year. For the requirements of NeuroSynchrony Training and/or Open Focus Training certification, you will need to complete an Intake Evaluation appointment ($295) and then 10 ($195) one-hour individual sessions with Dr. Fehmi, which can be spread over the course of two to three days.


It is necessary for each individual to be seen as a client to allow Dr. Fehmi a baseline to being training. All individuals are required to complete our “Intake Consultation Form” (which can be downloaded from our website).


If any additional hours needed to complete training as an Open Focus Trainer and/or Certified NeuroSynchrony charges will be adjusting accordingly.


Certified NeuroSynchrony Trainers are required to purchase the NS500sx. To schedule the appointments please call our office at 609-924-0782 or EMAIL.



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WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA; Hilton Garden Inn West Palm Beach Airport

February 21-23, 2014





For difficulties connecting to the webinar seriesplease click the above link.  Dr.Fehmi's staff does not have the ability to troubleshoot the connections.


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