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Couple’s Intensives

We offer a unique opportunity for couples interested in using a combinations of Open Focus attention training and neurofeedback to foster connection and intimacy.

The protocol employs the use of linked neurofeedback that requires both partners to produce whole head, phase synchronous brain waves in tandem with each other in order to get feedback.  Neither partner will get feedback if they are out of synchrony with the other.  The resultant experience is a sense of harmony and oneness, an experience called by one participant as the “honeymoon experience”.

In addition to employing neurofeedback, couples will learn to dissolve feelings of discord, dissension or pain in each other and in themselves.  Partners learn to dissolve the emotions that divide them, and as a result, feelings of safety and intimacy come to the fore.
We conduct these intensives with one couple per intensive, over a time frame tailored to each couple’s particular needs and availability.

We need a minimum of four hours on a single day, but may go for as long as three to four days over an extended weekend, for eight hours each day.  Dr. Fehmi and Susan Shor are both present for most of the intensive hours.



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WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA; Hilton Garden Inn West Palm Beach Airport

February 21-23, 2014





For difficulties connecting to the webinar seriesplease click the above link.  Dr.Fehmi's staff does not have the ability to troubleshoot the connections.


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