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Since Dr. Fehmi is considered to be a pioneer in the field of biofeedback and neurofeedback and is one of the founders of several professional organizations, he has long been responsible for professional training and certification of those licensed health and educational professional and their staff interested in the teaching of stress management, biofeedback and optimization of function and performance.


Dr Fehmi has developed Open Focus Training and Certification programs for those interested in the teaching of Open Focus. Since Open Focus is proprietary, Dr. Les Fehmi is the sole provider of such training and certification. He offers it to all interested parties in the form of individual training at his office or in a group setting at another location. The professional training and certification is done in the form of a workshop.


The Certification program is an expanded version of his workshop format and is conducted by Dr. Fehmi as a combined menu of lecture, group discussion, question and answer, and the practicing of Open Focus exercises and reactions to the exercises.


Group discussions very much reflect the uniquecomposition of each group and provide a dynamic way of learning.


Participants should leave these workshops with a body of knowledge, a set of skills, Open Focus CD’s to practice with at home, the Open Focus Handbook and an ability to conduct Open Focus exercise for their own clients.


Group workshops held at our Princeton Centre are considered to be office visits and as such may be covered by major medical insurance policies when appropriate. This may be discussed with the office staff or with Dr. Fehmi.


Since certification is intended to train individuals to be able instructors of Open Focus, the Certification Program workshop also requires participants to train each other under the guidance of Dr. Fehmi. Please contact us for additional information.



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WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA; Hilton Garden Inn West Palm Beach Airport

February 21-23, 2014





For difficulties connecting to the webinar seriesplease click the above link.  Dr.Fehmi's staff does not have the ability to troubleshoot the connections.


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