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" I am the learning disabilites specialist at the Center for Learning Disorders in Manhattan.  We recently saw a client for neurological, psychological and educational evaluations.  After two neurofeedback sessions at your office, I saw marked improvement in his attention span (sustained attention) and frustration tolerance.  I am working with another youngster who lives in Long Island.  I would like to know if you have the names of people that are trained through your organization who are located near me.  Thank you.
J. B.

" A child's brain can be taught to regulate itself, much like a youngster can be taught to ride a bike. Through the training, the brain is provided with the information it needs to regulate itself, thereby causing the necessary adjustments which bring about changes in behavior. The most common feedback about EEG training from parents is, 'My child is much happier'."
Susan Othmer, EEG Spectrum

"Ritalin, Dexedrine and Clonidine, they all have side effects…Ritalin can slow down growth, it can lead to insomnia, it can cause loss of appetite….but it can also turn around a child's life…. I would rather see biofeedback tried first."
J.Gordon, MD, Pediatrician

"I've seen some remarkable results with EEG Biofeedback in a number of children I have referred. It has seemed particularly helpful with speech, memory and attention deficit problems."
Norma Schlage, Ph.D. Educational Therapist

"For the first time since I've had Eric (age 6), I'm not worried about him.  Impulsitivity is under control.  I always knew he was smart.  Now he's able to learn by leaps and bounds.  He's much happier.  He listens better.  The changes with the EEG training were noticeable right away."
Marlene Becklner, Ph.D., Child Clinical Psychologist

"You have given us back the child we always wanted"
School Psychologist

"Our adopted son, who was prenatally exposed to alcohol, had attention deficits. He was oppositional and impulsive. He had phobias and anxiety. You throw all that together on one little five year old and that's an awful lot to deal with.  This technique has been the light at the end of a very long tunnel for us.  Nothing else has worked.  We thought the only thing left was to put him back into the system. Our son is 100% better now after five months of training. It is the only thing that has saved us as a family. He related to his world not, when he didn't before. He sleeps better.  He has insight into his own behavior. I can reason with him, which I could never do before. And he's happier!"

The Princeton Biofeedback Centre LLC, has been established for more than 30 years.  We have the most advanced state of the art equipment and a staff that works closely with parents and other professionals to maximize improvement.



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